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3 Months Online Group Accelerator Program To Recreate the Blueprint of Your Career Identity, Fulfillment & Joy

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Soul Aligned Career is a 3 month live group coaching accelerator program. It helps you pin point the core issues behind your career stagnation as a mid/senior level corporate professional, and create a blueprint to overcome them so your work brings you joy and fulfillment. 

This container has both 1-1 and group coaching, and includes:


Guided self-discovery


Mindset coaching


Releasing mental/emotional blocks


Strategic career planning


Action plan setting


Accountability and support


A Quick Look Into The Three Months

Month 1 (Phase 1&2): Connecting the dots & Identifying the cause

“You can’t connect the dots forward – only backward” – Steve Jobs

There is much wisdom and lessons to be learned looking back at your professional life. As we do, we’ll discover the subconscious mind that shaped our reality in our career. 

In this month, we will:

  • Connect the dots on what are the specific causes of your struggles and dissatisfaction in your career. And understand your current career reality from a bigger picture and empowered state.
  • Learn how to take 100% ownership in the areas you want to improve in your career.
  • Take a close look at how your thoughts, values, and beliefs are formed.
  • Pick apart your belief system to pinpoint the beliefs that might have negative effects on your professional development and job satisfaction.

Month 2 (Phase 3 &4) Release, replace and recreate 

In month 2, we will learn how to release the outdated limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your professional life. Recreate a career identity that reflect who you are born to be. And reset a new set of rules and goals that will support you, align with your career identity, and help you experience satisfaction, a deep sense of fulfillment, and joy in your career.

  • Practice releasing outdated hidden beliefs that no longer serve your professional life.
  • Recreate a career identity that kindles your passion, utilize your unique gifts and attributes, and motivate you to be the best version of your authentic self.
  • Reconstruct a new set of rules that would support your career growth, align with who you are and lead to success, fulfillment, and joy through your work. 
  • Learn and practice how to set energetic boundaries to at work so you feel respected and nurtured.

Month 3 (Phase 5&6) Cultivate self-trust & the art of execution  

Self-trust comes when we can tune out the outside noises, tune in to our intuition (or our inner voice), follow through with immediate action, and examine the results.

Now it’s time to put these all together by creating a daily routine and a tangible plan that not only feels good but also help you manifest a career that’s meaningful, fulfilling, and brings you joy. 

In month 3, we’ll learn 

  • how intuition works for you and what you can do to tune into your inner voice more often.
  • How does your vision of career fulfillment look like when you tune in with your intuition vs. with your mind?
  • The key-component of action and how to experiment with your new career identity and bring it to fruition.

Hi, I’m Tong!

As you embody your authentic self, your gifts, and your purpose, don’t be surprised to see the beautiful ripple effects in your personal life and on those around you.

I love the work I do today. The fulfillment, joy, and peace I experience from serving others in a way that aligns with my path make my heart sing. However, it wasn’t always like this.

For many years I was a people pleaser, a victim, and someone who had low self-esteem. I couldn't trust herself... (click the '+' icon to read more)

Being an empath who deeply feels the pains of others I had no identity of myself. I was constantly confused about who I am.

These personas and confusions took me on a career path and personal journey that was well-perceived by others but led to a deep void and unhappiness within me.

The harder I chased after the conventional success, the more roadblocks I would encounter.

Similar issues would show up in my personal life as well. I was attracting people who made me feel less than. I felt the need to constantly prove myself by doing more.

From 2009 to 2015, I had several rock bottoms in my professional and personal life. My reality made me question what had caused the chaos behind it all. I knew that if I want to change my reality I must change myself. That’s when I started diving deep into personal growth. Over the next 7 years I invested over $70k attending seminars, joining programs, hiring coaches to learn more about personal development, business, psychology, energy, emotions, triggers, traumas, healing, manifestation, and never looked back.

Self-discovery, personal development, and healing helped me turn my reality around. I became clear on my purpose, recognized my gifts, and embraced what makes me happy. It allowed me to do what I love and love what I do. Work is no longer a security blanket or a way to fit in with the societal definition of success. It had become a channel for me to honor and nurture myself while making a difference in the world.

What if you can lift the veil of your career purpose?

What if you get to do what fulfills you and still be successful and happy in life?  

How would you feel if you had a safe and supportive space to practice and grow into that version of yourself? 

That’s the purpose of this coaching container – to provide a safe space where you can grow into the embodiment of your authentic self, and the embodiment of your purpose, through the work you do. 

We spent ⅓ of our lives at work, I truly believe that you deserve to feel what you do in the world is fulfilling and brings you success, joy and peace. 

Who is This For

For purpose-driven corporate professionals who feel staganant in their career, who are ready to seek guidance to expeirence a deeper sense of fulfillment, joy and impact in your professional life.

Allow this to be an opportunity to reflect.

Click on the ‘+’ icon to view more.

You are sensitive to the atmosphere in the team and office

You are a sensitive individual. Other people’s moods and energy affect you at work more than you like and it’s overwhelming. You get lost in your team or your boss’s priorities often.

You understand overcoming this requires someone’s help.

Perhaps you have done some personal development work and are looking for more.

You want to feel confident, recognized, respected, encouraged & empowered in your work environment

Perhaps it’s hard to say no to colleagues who ask for help. It may feel like you are being taken advantage of at work or you may feel drained at the end of the day.

Maybe you noticed that certain emotions (such as anger, resentment, impatience, frustration etc.) affect your relationships at work negatively

Or maybe you felt worn down by imposter syndrome, self-doubts, fears, negative self-talk when given a project.

And you want to find a way to overcome them so you can feel more confident and empowered in your professional life.

You don't feel satisfied or fulfilled in your career

You’ve reached to a point where you’ve been experiencing stagnation in your career. You worked hard to get where you are but you don’t even want to be here. Maybe you can’t see yourself doing the same thing over the next few years. 

Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself the questions “WHO AM I?’, “Is this all there is?”

You value job stability and security but you are looking for something more than that – a feeling of belonging, growth, a deeper sense of fulfillment through what you do. That brings you joy or makes you feel alive.

You have doubts on your next step in your career

You wonder who you are as your career identity. Deep down you know that there must be something more to you, but you are not sure what it is.

Perhaps it feels difficult to see what your next step is or how you can take a leap of faith to act upon it.

You tried changing jobs/careers but are still not satisfied

You may have tried changing jobs or industries, learning different skills. But it still feels like something is missing. Perhaps it feels like you are pushing yourself to the edge of burnout physically, mentally and emotionally.

You are looking for a community where others get you and support you, and a place to have accountability and to grow together. 

You desire to make a difference

Regardless of your current reality there is a fire in you that waits to be kindled.

Work means more than paying bills to you and you desire to make this world a better place with your unique talents, gifts, and potential through the work you do.

What This Program Is

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Clarity on how to be in the driver seat of your career

Holding a safe space for you to get honest with the challenges you are facing in achieving career satisfaction and fulfillment. Reverse engineer what had caused them and understand your challenges from a bigger picture.

Gain awareness to your situation so that you can make the change and create the work that fulfills you without self-sabotage.

Remove subconscious blocks to reveal your career compass

Helping you remove and heal the mental/emotional blocks that contribute to your career dissatisfaction that you are ready to release to gain clarity on whether you are on the right career path and what your priorities are so you can direct your energy on the needle movers.

Redefine your career identity

Guiding you to realign your thoughts, belief system, values, goal setting, and action plans with who you are in your career (your career identity) so you can start to attract the opportunities and people that are more aligned with you in your professional life.

Gain practical tools for mental/emotional resilience

Learning potent tools to set boundaries at work and release negative emotions (including identifying what are your emotions and what are not). So you can face any challenging work situation with mental clarity and make the right decision. 

Cultivate self-trust & confidence in your career vision

As you:

– understand what’s slowing you down, 

– how to take charge of your career, 

– build mental/emotional resilience, 

– create alignment in your career with your authentic self, and 

– act upon them, …

you will begin to cultivate self-trust and have confidence and clarity on how to bring your career vision into reality.

Provide accountability & support for sustainable growth

Providing accountability, timely feedback, and group/individual  support so you can continue to grow and move toward your career success and fulfillment.

What This Program Isn’t 

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One size fits all answer

Giving you one size fits all answers in marketing, selling, job hunting, or claiming that if you don’t follow a certain ‘success formula’ you will fail.

Overwhelming strategies and tactics

Overwhelming you with different tactics to keeping you distracted and dependent.

Goal setting & problem solving on the surface level

Steering you to set conventional goals because that is what everyone else does.

Bypassing the fundamental issues that cause your current undesirable work or life situation, or solving problems from the surface level and praying it never happen again. 

Over night success or unrealistic shortcut

Getting you overnight successes.

Staying tunnel-visioned to only focus on mindset, strategy or action.

Encouraging avoidance by turning a blind eye on the thoughts, beliefs, and contradictory actions that keep you one step forward and two steps back.

Buy into your story

This program isn’t about encouraging you to buy into your current situations and stories so you can stay feeling stuck, powerless, or procrastinating.


This program is not about consulting and doing things FOR you – such as writing a resume/cover letter for job applications, the hiring process etc.

“What I loved about my sessions with Tong was that they felt less like coaching and more like being on a journey of self-discovery. She has a natural ability to create safe spaces for people to simultaneously self-reflect and open up without fear of judgement.

I came into the sessions feeling generally overwhelmed and now I’m equipped with not just a set of practical tools to use on a daily basis but also a changed mindset on how to approach challenging situations in life and a better understanding of myself.”  

– Sarah

How It Works

When you join today you will be part of my Pilot Program. That means you get to give your feedback and help us build a group that better support you and everyone else. This is why you are joining at a discounted price.

When you enroll today, you’ll get access to our private community immediately. This is where you will get the community support.

“Working with Tong had help me tremendously with building up my professional career and provided clarity in what I want.

Before being a client with Tong, I was stuck in a position where I could not grow and it made an impact on my mental health and well being. She allowed me to be myself and gave me a voice.” 

– Nancy

What You’ll Get As Part of the Soul Aligned Career Accelerator Live Experience

1-1 Coaching

Two 60 minutes 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

You get extensive feedback and intuitive insights directly from me in a 1 on 1 setting during the 3 months’ program. These sessions can help you remove specific mental and emotional blocks, and gain individualized, strategic plan to help you move toward your new career identity and goals with more clarity and certainty. 

Group Sessions

Weekly 90 minutes group training/coaching/Q&A sessions.

We dive deep into the program with powerful questions, real time coaching and constructive feedback in a group setting to help you breakthrough self-set limits and shift into a more authentic version of you in your career. 

Private Online Support Group 

This is a powerful way to stay motivated and inspired.

You’ll be part of an online community with like-minded corporate professionals to network and grow together.

These are individuals who have similar challenges in their careers and who understand you. Expect to get motivated and inspired in the group!

Powerful Meditations

Powerful meditations.

You will receive powerful meditations that are designed to help you gain mental clarity and emotional intelligence at work.

Include but not limited to grounding, set boundary setting, healing, releasing limiting beliefs, focusing, tuning into your inner voice, increasing awareness. 

Intergration Workbook

Printable PDF workbooks.

You’ll have access to download printable PDF workbooks to implement the training and group coaching sessions to reflect and  practice what you’ve learned in your daily work and life

Email Support

Additional support

This is an additional support available for you during the 3 months period.

Perfect for you if you prefer receiving feedback via emails or if you are not on social media, or prefer not to join the private community.

“Tong’s coaching freed me from the the limitations that had controlled me since I was a child. I had an extremely difficult professional challenge that took me decades to overcome. Tong helped me look deep within to understand what was truly holding me back, and how to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

Tong also helped me overcome the fear of asking my boss for a raise, and even rehearsed it with me beforehand. And guess what? I asked my boss the next day and received a 50% raise.


Soul Aligned Career Accelerator

Explore the golden nuggets of each phase in the 3 months’ group experience

Month One

Phase 1: Connecting the dots 

“You can’t connect the dots forward – only backward” – Steve Jobs

There is much wisdom and lessons to be learned looking back at your professional life or personal life. We grow through learning the lessons from life experiences. Because without it, we are blindly moving without directions. And without knowing where we are going, we are going nowhere.

In Phase 1, we will:

  • Learn to be 100% honest with yourself by taking an objective look at your professional life and name the specific areas you desire to change to improve career satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Examine the repetitive patterns or narratives in those areas that show up often.
  • Connect the dots on what patterns or narratives may be the cause of you feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled in your career. And understand your reality from a bigger picture and empowered state.
  • Practice taking responsibility by not giving away your power and choice. Envision how that would look like for you.

Phase 2: Identify the cause

Your subconscious beliefs, consistent thoughts, and emotions dictate your actions such as how you react and respond in your work and what you choose as your career path.

And your actions shape your reality in your career. 

In Phase 2 we will go over uncovering the beliefs, consistent thoughts, and emotions that may be the root causes of the struggles and dissatisfaction you’ve been experiencing in your career.

We’ll also learn the needs underneath the repetitive negative emotions you feel at work. And with a step-by-step guide, on how to release and heal them so you don’t have to go through similar career challenges in the future.


  • Examine your ‘negative’ emotions at work, and take a close look at how your thoughts, values, and beliefs are formed, and how they are related to your emotions.
  • Discover your suppressed needs underneath these emotions, and find better ways to fulfill them.
  • Picking apart your current dominant belief system to find what are the ones no longer serving you positively in your professional life. Ie. Identify self-talk themes, beliefs, and where they came from. 

Month Two

Phase 3: Release, replace and recreate your career identity & alignment

In Phase 3, we will go over how to gracefully let go of the thoughts, values, beliefs and emotional/mental blocks that make you feel stuck and dissatisfied in your career.  

We will learn how to set a new set of rules that will support your new career identity where work feels like the playground for your soul.  

  • Gain personal freedom in your professional life by learning how forgive, let go and move forward.
  • Discover the gifts and talents you are born with.
  • Create your new career identity that honors who you are, utilizes your gifts, and motivates you to make a bigger impact.  
  • Reconstruct a new set of rules that would support you, and align with your new career identity that lead to success, fulfillment, and joy in your professional life. 

Phase 4: Boundaries are your best friends

If you are a sensitive individual (an empath), changes are boundaries will be your best friend in your work environment.

Without proper boundary setting, we feel the burden of obligations at work without the courage to speak our needs. we assume others are just like us – sensitive and giving without communicating clearly. And when our co-workers and boss don’t meet our expectations, we feel disappointed, frustrated, disrespected and resentful. This depletes our energy, blurs our focus, and makes us feel powerless.

In phase 4, we will learn 

  • How to set boundaries energetically at work
  • How to communicate your needs to support your work-life balance goal
  • How to identify what emotions/energy are yours and how to release the ones that aren’t yours
  • How to ground yourself and release anxiety 

Month Three

Phase 5: Cultivate intuition and self-trust 

We learn to trust ourselves in the process when we can tune out the outside noises, tune in to our intuition (or our inner voice), follow through with immediate action, and examine the results.

In this phase, we’ll learn 

  • How intuition works 
  • How intuition may come to you and when it is the strongest 
  • What you can do to enhance your intuition
  • The key-component of action and how to experiment 
  • How does having a fulfilling career look like when you tune in with your intuition vs. with your mind?

Phase 6: Putting it all together with a daily routine and action plan

You’ve been doing a lot of inner work from releasing limiting beliefs, sabotaging thought patterns, negative self-talk, and rules and replacing them with a new set that empowers you, aligns with your truth, and who you want to be.

You’ve leaned into a vision in your professional life that makes you feel more fulfilled and alive.

You’ve also learned how to set healthy boundaries, protect your energy, focus on your priority and tune into your intuition.

Now it’s time to put these all together by creating a daily routine and action plan that will nurture you, support you and motivate you to go after your goals.

  • Goal setting with your new career identity and fulfilling vision
  • How does an idea turn into fruition
  • What to do when in doubts
  • Trust the uncertainty by taking guided action

What’s Possible For YOU

Responding to challenges at work with mental/emotional clarity, intelligence & resilience

Imagine what used to trigger you and affect you negatively at the workplace has little effect on you or no longer bothers you.

Imagine having healthier professional relationships without always putting your needs last. You can say ‘no’ to your co-workers and boss and be respected.

Imagine you can make difficult work decisions and important career decisions with mental clarity, calmness and knowingness.

Better sense of self-worth, confidence and are respected at work

Your co-workers and boss respect who you are and recognize your value. 

You are seen, heard and supported at work, have a better sense of self-worth and feel more confident.  

You are clear on what to focus to create the career you want and how to direct your energy wisely.

Clear on your career identity and have the courage to follow it

Become clear and confident in your unique gifts, talents, and potential you were born with. Have a clear vision of your career identity and soul-aligned career path.

Have an inner compass to know what kind of work, people, and opportunity is right for you where you get to shine with your light and enjoy a deeper sense of fulfillment, success, and joy.

Equipped and have the courage to follow your new career identity and soul-aligned career path.

Attracting better opportunities for career development and growth

Attract better opportunities in your professional life (such as in the form of promotion, changing career, or starting something you are secretly passionate about etc.)

Attract people who have higher integrity and are more supportive of your professional growth.

Connected to yourself, happier & better sense of well-being

Feel more connected to yourself such as self-acceptance, compassion, and self-love. Feel comfortable just being yourself at work.

Trust yourself more for your decisions while caring less about others’ opinions about you.

No longer suffer from burnout. Have a healthy routine that nurtures you, and a better sense of well-being mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Feel more grounded and happier and at peace in general.

Positive impact and a deep sense of fulfillment

Your elevated energy starts to have positive impacts on the people around you at work without you asking them to change. You have a deep sense of fulfillment and joy through the work you do.

These are NOT imaginations but real results from my clients. And so can you!

Alignment Guarantee

This program is ONLY for those who are fully committed and who are ready to do the work.

If this program doesn’t feel right to you, simply email us within the first 14 days after your enrollment, and we will refund you the full payment. 

After 14 days there will be no refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the monthly zoom coaching calls?

There will be a 90 minutes zoom coaching calls every Monday. Time will be tentatively 5 PM Pacific Standard time. Subject to adjustment.

What if I can't make it to the live coaching call?

All coaching calls will be recorded. Recordings will be shared with you within 48 hours after each call is ended via email.

You may access the recordings at your most convenient time and watch them as many times as you like.

Your will also have access to the recordings for a full year.

How do I schedule my 1-1 coaching sessions?

You will receive a scheduling link via email to schedule it at your preferred time and date.

What's the difference between 1-1 coaching and group coaching?

Everyone is a unique snowflake!

1 on 1 package allows you to have individualized assessments of your thought process, values, and belief system so you can gain incredible clarity on what causes your current less desirable situations.

It allows me to help you address your challenges with a unique, customized approach so you can take the guesswork out of the way and get results faster.

One of the most powerful ways to create fulfillment and meaning in your work and life is by removing the subconscious, outdated beliefs that hold you back. You may not even be aware that you have them and that they have a tremendous negative impact on you.

This process often involves healing the traumas you’ve experienced before. 1-1 coaching allows you to have the time, undivided attention from me, and the privacy to go through this process without having to figure it out on your own.

What if I need more 1-1 sessions on top of the group coaching for faster results?

We have 1-1 coaching package on top of the group coaching to fit your needs:

When you join the 3 months accelerator, we also offer 12 1-1 sessions to help you move faster. That means seeing results faster! You can choose different payment options:

  1. $444/month billed monthly. 6 payment (Value: $3600)
  2. $2244 pay in full (Value: $3600 Save:1356)

For best results, I recommend getting 1-1 coaching session every 7-10 days. 

Since this package is heavily discounted, these 12 sessions must be used within six months. 

Note: this package pricing ONLY applies if you join the 3 months accelerator program.

Your Words

Past workshop attendees and clients experiences

The workshop was great! And I’m a tough audience because I train for a living lol. You are so calm, soothing, and supportive. Your energy made me feel so relaxed and sure of myself. I need you on speed dial! The content was spot on and motivating. The exercises were really useful and the meditation was helpful. I don’t struggle as much with it in my career as I do my personal life. I’m confident in my career but need to be better at boundaries and people pleasing personally. I am going to take what you said and apply it. I appreciate you offering the session and was so glad to finally meet you! You are beautiful inside and out and am grateful for you sharing your insights with us.


Trainer and Talent Development Consultant

The workshop was wonderful. I really appreciated the conversation in the beginning about self-doubt. I felt so connected with the other women on the call because I realized I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. I also really appreciated the meditation. I think having more time to think through the different steps during the workshop would be great. However, I recognize this is a free resource and you offer more time in your paid services. It’s great that everyone gets to keep the workbook to look back on/work from. Overall, great session. Thanks for the invite and creating the space.


Operations Associate

I really loved the workbook. I actually worked on it before we began to get myself ready and in the right mindset to begin the webinar. I also really enjoyed that you wanted everyone to share their thoughts and what they were going through. I felt like I was not alone and many other women are in the same position in their lives. The mediation was my absolute favorite part because I needed to envision myself in the position I wanted to be in. I needed to let go of some old feelings I was having to be ready to embrace the new confidence I have. I am not sure I would have been able to do that on my own! Great job and great advice! 😊


Education Content Writer

Thank you for your seminar yesterday. It was a great respite to help us reevaluate where we are and where we are headed towards!


Project Manager

My first meeting with Tong was very well thought out and flowed effortlessly. Tong is a great listener and is very insightful. She is encouraging without sounding like a bad made-for-TV movie, which is something I really appreciate. She gave me quite a bit to think about and I’m looking forward to our next conversation.


Mid-level Professional Administrator

Tong had a very empathetic approach in her guidance and want to make sure I had clarity with myself first and foremost so that I was honest with my own wants/desire/needs. She allowed me to be in an open and safe space to voice my career concerns.



Within one session with Tong, she guided me through exercises that helped me bring some clarity and direction for my career goals and aspirations. Tong isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, which is very much appreciated.


Philanthropy Operations

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