Follow The North Star At The Crossroads Of Your Career

Guiding purpose-driven corporate professionals navigate through their career crossroads and redefine the blueprint for their career identity to obtain success, fulfillment, and joy in their professional life

How Do Career Crossroads Look Like


You spent all the time getting where you are now but you don’t even want to be here.

You might have it all in others’ eyes but you feel unfulfilled.

You don’t know what’s not working but you know something is missing.

You feel lost or have a career identity crisis.

You ask the question ‘WHO AM I’?


The North Star of Your Career Success

Working with me 1 on 1 for 3 months

A 3 months 1 on 1 coaching program designed to help you gain clarity at your career crossroads, redefine your career identity, and craft a career path that leads you to success and a deeper sense of fulfillment.

This container includes 1 kickoff call, 12 coaching sessions, and 1 celebration call. All sessions are on Zoom, and 100% tailored to individual goals and needs.

A quick overview of the process

Receive an intuitive and analytical evaluation of your current work situation and career path by looking at (but not limited to) your skill sets, personality and innate traits, and dominant values and beliefs for your career success.

Deep dive into removing and healing hidden limiting beliefs, mental/emotional blocks, work triggers, and self-sabotaging behavioral patterns that hold you back from achieving career success and obtaining the fulfillment you desire. 

Uncover your unique gifts and talents, craft new rules that feel supportive, and guide you in creating a new career identity that feels like the playground for your soul-aligned career path.

Create a step-by-step game plan for your career development or transition to alleviate the fear of the unknown and instability.

Equip and support you during your career identity shift, mindset integration, and execution of your game plan.

Unlimited email support during office hours in the 3 months period.

This container allows you to have the time, undivided attention, a 100% tailored approach, and the privacy to experience individualized assessments, mindset shifting, healing, and strategized action plans. Most suited if you are committed to fast track your career or prefer 1 on 1 tailored process.

How to apply:

Book a complementary discovery call to determine the right fit

In this 30 minute discovery call, I’ll be asking questions to understand where you are at, the specific challenges you are facing, and what outcome you desire for your career.

You will gain clarity and insights on what your next step is, and I will let you know if we are the right fit to work together.

Energy Exchange: $3333

Payment option available

Find The Compass At Your Career Crossroads

Release & Grow Accelerator – 3 months group coaching

A three months group coaching program designed to help you gain clarity in your career crossroads and create a blueprint for a soul-aligned career path and action plans in the side of a group setting.

A quick overview of the process

Uncover the hidden causes behind your career dissatisfaction and unfulfillment.

Practice releasing the limiting beliefs, hidden rules, and mental/emotional blocks that sabotage your career success.

Redefine your career identity and create a blueprint for your career success and fulfillment that matches your career compass.

Learn energetic boundary setting at the workplace that improves work relationships and nurtures your mental/emotional health to prevent burnout.

Craft a strategic game plan and action steps moving toward a career path that aligns with your soul purpose.

Doors open January, 2023

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