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The world around me is a reflection of what's in me. Self-discovery and mastery rebirthed me and freed me.

Where It All Began

I contribute my deepest ‘WHY’ to my mother.

Growing up witnessing how powerless she felt in her life and work and how unhappy it made her saddened me immensely.

As an empath young child with a particularly rough childhood where love was lacking, I took on a false identity as a people pleaser with no boundaries. Others opinions and expectations affected me greatly.

At the age 21,  I came to realize that if I wanted to live my own life free from the control of my mother, I needed to run away.

Things weren’t easy after I left. I felt like a chick that fell out of nest- struggling to survive and try to make sense of it all. I struggled making decisions on my own. I battled with low self-worth, victim mindset and judgement constantly. 

I Was Called Out

Under the influences of the beliefs of my mother, I was steered toward education and a career path that didn’t align with me. Even though she wasn’t by my side. 

I still remember how I felt at the end of my dream job when I got laid off. I was in shock, feeling ashamed and resentful. I had lost my direction.

As if the universe was calling me out, right after I lost my dream job, I lost all my savings the very next day. I had hit the rockbottom.

Self-Discovery & Personal Development Freed Me

It didn’t stopped there after I changed my career like I thought it would. Similar issues would show up in my personal life as well. I was attracting people and situations that made me feel not good enough. I still had the need to constantly prove myself by doing more and being more, yet never enough.

The repetitive struggles that made me constantly doubt myself became the catalyst for me to ask the question ‘why’. I started diving deep into self-discovery like it was my oxygen. I was eager to understand the ’cause’ for the ‘effect’ so I could change my reality. I started learning more about psychology, healing, spirituality, energy, and never looked back.

The Lessons

During my personal development journey, I’ve tapped into both the corporate world as a consultant and being a creative entrepreneur. I’m grateful for the experiences and struggles I’ve faced in my life, during many transitions. But most importantly, I’m grateful for the lessons and the wisdom they taught me.

These invaluable experiences gifted me a deeper understanding on:

what others may be going through when they at crossroads in their professional life.

what it feels like to have worked so hard to get where you are yet you don’t even want to be here.

feeling lost when you’ve lived your whole life to meet others’ expectations.

what it is like to lose everything and start from zero.

The Mission

Today I have become crystal clear about my purpose, my unique gifts, and who I truly am. This allows me to choose the type of work I love, who I want to work with, and how much time I want to put into the work. Work is no longer a necessity to make ends meet or a way to fit in with the societal definition of success. It had become a channel for me to nurture my soul while leaving a legacy behind and leading a movement forward. 

And I want to invite you to be part of this movement:

a movement where you get to courageously own our voice, standing in your truth, and stepping up unapologetically in your professional life. A movement where you get to serve and contribute at a level that deeply resonate within you while enjoying success, fulfillment and joy.

Because you are meant to be more – not for anyone else, but for yourself.

Coaching Style

Self-Discovery, Mindset, Healing, Strategy, Action and Accountability in Harmony

I love tuning into my highly intuitive and empathetic gifts to help clients see the big picture, and connect the dots so they can understand the root causes of the roadblocks in their professional life. This helps them further more heal the emotional/mental blocks that show up as emotional triggers and behavioral patterns that sabotage their career success. Through the de-conditioning process they are able to identify what truly aligns with who they are in their professional life.

When it comes to helping clients overcome specific challenges in the crossroads of their careers, I tap into my analytical and creative problem solving skills to co-create optimal solutions.

For plan of action, I combine the mind, the heart with a tailored strategic and practical approach to help clients with implementation and execution on a daily basis so they can experience their own unique transformation in their professional life quickly and effectively.

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