What’s hindering you from finding

Career Satisfaction & Fulfillment

might not be what you think!

For mid/senior level professionals who are at a crossroads in their career

Discover the #1 reason on why you are not feeling fulfilled and satisfied in your career and gain insights on the actions you can take base on your result.

Allow your work to be the playground for your soul

This is a safe space I hold for you to redefine your career identity and success that’s aligned with your soul purpose. We dive to the identity level to define and unpack the elements that make you feel deeply satisfied, fulfilled and happy in your professional life through self-discovery and personal development.

Self-discovery & Personal development Coach for Corporate Professionals

Hi, I’m Tong! I guide Purpose-driven professionals who are at a crossroads in their careers to find soul-aligned career paths through self-discovery and personal development so they can move toward a deeper sense of success, fulfillment and joy through what they do.


Work with Tong 1 on 1

This container allows you to have the time, undivided attention, a 100% tailored approach and the privacy to experience individualized assessments, mindset shifting, healing and strategized action plans on your career satisfaction and fulfillment so you can get the result faster.

Co-create and Grow In Group

This container gives you community support while experiencing the framework of 1 on 1 coaching. It’s best suited if you thrive in a group setting and need accountability and motivation from a group.

Free Offering

This quiz is designed for you to walk away with a clearer understanding on the #1 reason what might be hindering you from feeling fulfilled/satisfied in your career. You will also gain insights on what actions to take based on your result.


Nancy - Division Coordinator

Taking a chance to invest in myself and my personal growth, Tong has given me the clarity and guidance to build a journey within my professional career.

She held me accountable for the root of my issues and supported me through this journey of finding myself and what I want. I can’t express how much Tong has helped me through this journey.

Now I have bigger and better goals to become a better version of me personally and professionally.

I highly recommend Tong to anyone! My actions and responses have changed. My expectations have grown and I’ve never felt right until now.

Sarah - Senior Electrical Engineer

I would highly recommend Tong to anyone who’s looking for not only career development guidance but also coaching to work through personal obstacles and traumas.

What I loved about my sessions with Tong was that they felt less like coaching and more like being on a journey of self-discovery. She has a natural ability to create safe spaces for people to simultaneously self-reflect and open up without fear of judgement.

I came into the sessions feeling generally overwhelmed and now I’m equipped with not just a set of practical tools to use on a daily basis but also a changed mindset on how to approach challenging situations in life and a better understanding of myself.

Philip - MBA, Sales Project Manager at Siemens Gamesa

I strongly recommend Tong as a coach. She is a great listener, highly observant of personality traits and non-verbal communication, and incredibly insightful.
I started coaching sessions with her less than a month ago and have already learned more about myself than from years of reading self-help books.
I have always been struggling with having too many interests. I get excited about a new project, work hard on it for several months, and then start to get bored. At that point, I either carry on without much passion or move on to the next job. Tong has worked with me on clarifying my life vision and helped me identify specific steps to align my life more closely with my goals and interests. And she holds me accountable to taking these steps. As a result of my conversations with her, I am making active changes in my life and career.

Discover The #1 Reason Behind Your Career Dissatisfaction